Size does matter

In gold adsorption, carbon activity is your most important factor. With carbon regeneration, the process comes first and foremost. There should be no doubt that in regenerating of carbon Yet incorrect kiln design is almost the norm rather than the exception. Designed to ensure correct residence time at hold temperature of 20 minutes –not 10 minutes, they provide stable, progressive feed of your carbon with reliable three-zone heating with independent controls, robust thermal lifter designs, co-current movement of reaction products, correct thermal conduction area and bed thickness defining retort size. You can be assured of 90%+ regeneration activity for fresh carbon.


Rotary Kilns also available for other processes, including uranium pre-drying and roasting, fly-ash treatment, reactivation processes and more.

if you are interested in more information on the process behind reactivation 911 metallurgy has a page detailing the process here: 

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