Electrowinning Refined

EC series gold electrowinning cells have been reimagined from the ground up for the precious metal refining industry, with improvements to the status quo.

Years of direct operational experience and the latest in simulation software have led to the EC series electrowinning cell design. The result has been a cell that is stunning in its brushed stainless appearance and possesses performance that pushes the envelope.

Inside the cell, the geometry, materials field strength, and longevity are meticulously optimised. Standard features such as low impedance bus bar design and connections work together to push the envelope in pass efficiency. EC series cells result in lower barrens in less time.

Traditionally, the removal and cleaning of anodes and cathodes from electrowinning cells is an arduous back-breaking process. This process is completed after every strip to remove the gold sludge. For that reason, EC series electrowinning cells have an incorporated anode and cathode slide system that enables easy cleaning and sludge removal to take place within the cell. This system effectively removes most of the manual labour from the electrowinning process.


The range of electrowinning cells are designed for ease of use. This is by combining innovative design features into each of our cell designs. This facilitates a smoother process in your goldroom.

Standard features include:

  • Long-lasting stainless steel construction for reduced fire risk
  • Fireproof lockable full stainless steel lids pivot to glide open and closed effortlessly.
  • Non-drip design eliminating condensation running down the side of the cells and floor
  • Fire retardant rubber lining.
  • Integrated extraction controls and effectively removes electrowinning and chemical fumes, preventing contamination of the gold room.
  • Embedded connection on busbars allows for fast changeout, efficient low impedance loss on busbar joints and no lost nuts.
  • Cathodes designed for ease of mesh or pillow installation

Optional upgrades:

  • CIP – Clean in place cathodes and anodes can be just slid to either end of the cell to be cleaned one by one in place. No need to remove it to a separate wash bay.
  • Single push-button realise anodes and cathodes no more undoing and tightening bolts, ensuring a good connection across all terminals.

Combine with our range of IP54 switch mode rectifiers, and you have a winning combination.

And you can also find our equipment over at 911 metallurgy, an excellent resource for all your metallurgical information.

Extraction Hood
Extraction Hood